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About Us

Relatively new industrial bakery brand in the UAE, Rise has today grown to become a much loved brand in the emirates. We produce a range of Sliced Breads, Buns, Rolls, Cakes, Muffins, Croissants, Puffs, and traditional bakery products such as Arabic Bread (Khubz & Lebanese Bread),

Our production facility is strategically located in Dubai to cater to the market with the freshest products across the UAE. 

We continue to work on product development and constantly provide new offerings, at the same time constantly improving our existing product range.

About Us

Core Values


Commitment to customers 

We believe in building and maintaining long term customer relations based on trust and commitment, exceeding customer expectations by providing the highest in quality, value and services, and forming mutually beneficial business partnerships with our customers to help them achieve growth.



We are committed to follow the highest standards of ethics and moral values in all our transactions. We believe in doing the right things to the best of our capabilities and as per the law of the country.



We always seek to improve the quality of our products, services and work practices by continuously challenging the status quo in every aspect of our business. We believe in setting our benchmarks to the highest standards and then trying to surpass them.



We are a performance driven organization with such work environment where all employees are inspired to be the best they can be. We emphasize on delivering results on all assigned targets while continuously trying to surpass expectations. We are never content with our achievements and always aim for higher benchmarks.



We are a truly multicultural team and have built a very healthy and conducive work environment. We solicit interpersonal business relations based on mutual respect, trust and support of each other’s initiatives with only the best interest of the company in mind.



We believe in taking complete ownership of the assigned task and responsibilities, utilizing the resources to the optimum and completing the task within agreed timeline. In the event of non-achievement or partial achievement against plan, we accept failures with a positive spirit and take corrective measures and ensure the assigned task is successfully completed.

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